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How it works

Your gut is a complex ecosystem that thrives on diversity and balance. Probiotics can help manage a healthy and diverse population of microbes.

Your gut is the home to trillions of microbes and it is important to ensure a healthy balance between the good and bad microbes with a healthy diet rich in fiber. Supplementing your diet with our probiotics can encourage positive bacteria to thrive while minimizing negative bacterial imbalances. Research shows that specific species and strains of probiotics can help alleviate certain inflammatory conditions.

How it works

How it's different

  1. Mixture We use multi-strain probiotics, which show greater efficacy than single strains. Ultimately, mixtures are shown to be more effective in 3 out of 4 studies.
  2. Species and strain Our blends put all of the evidence-based strains that target your inflammatory condition in one pill.
  3. Dose Our blend and slow release delivery mechanism are designed to ensure that the maximum amount of good microbes reach where you need them most.
How its different

How you benefit

  1. The probiotic species we use in our formula have documented scientific results indicating improvements in inflammatory conditions.
  2. The species in our formula have been shown to slow the progression of your inflammatory condition.
  3. The probiotic species in our formula have been shown to reduce physical discomfort and enhance quality of life.
How you benefit